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Sex on a Rope - Pecker Cleaner Soap

Sex on a Rope - Pecker Cleaner Soap

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For those with a penchant for naughty jokes, this peach-hued Pecker soap is just the ticket! Hang it on its 'tough love' rope to keep it from going soft, and then soap up with its thick, meaty shaft and firm balls. It's lightly scented and super moisturizing, so this scandalous gag gift will leave your skin feeling silky smooth. Get your hands on one one else needs to know!

Key Features:

  • Great Gag Gift: Give your friends with dirty minds a gag gift to help them clean their body!
  • Lightly Scented: Enjoy a mild, fresh scent that doesn't offend sensitive noses!
  • Moisturizing: Won't leave skin chapped or dry!
  • Easy Storage: use the nylon rope to hang it up between uses and keep it from losing its shape.


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