The Warranties of Products

So you have bought a product with a Manufacturer warranty. Congrats! This means that quality is important to you. Manufacturer's that stand behind their products offer warranties because they care about their customers. If a product isn't working properly, they want to catch problems early! What to do next? 

Firstly, keep all your packaging. Most manufacturers will provide their contact info on the packaging of your product. Check the box exterior or any written instructions provided within, and chances are they have provided their email address. 

Second, get your Receipt ready. Don't throw that receipt in the trash! Manufacturers will require proof of purchase, which is your receipt. They will ask for information during the registering of your product located on the receipt. So hang on to that receipt until you can get online to register. 

We try to chose Brands that offer warranties, so our customer's can have peace of mind when buying their next toy. 

Here's some Brands that we offer: 

Evolved Novelties Brands - 5 Year Limited Warranty - This includes Evolved, Zero Tolerance, GenderX, Playboy Pleasure, Selopa and Barely Bare. Check out the whole collection Here!

Satisfyer Toys - All Satisfyer products come with a 15 year warranty.

LELO - offers a 1 year Manufacturer Warranty

Bathmate - Offers a 2 Year Warranty on products 

Tracy's Dog Offers 2 Year Warranty on their products

Pipedream Products - Have a 90 day warranty for Battery operated and non battery products from date of purchase. 1 year warranty on rechargeable products.

XR Brands - has various warranty lengths depending on the product. 

Fun Factory Toys come with a 5 Year Warranty

Shunga Erotic Art Offers a 1 year Warranty

Kama Sutra Brand offers a 60 day full warranty 

NU Senuelle Products come with a 2 Year Warranty