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Fantasy Dildos

Kraken Fantasy Dildo - 4 Sizes - choose your firmness

Kraken Fantasy Dildo - 4 Sizes - choose your firmness

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Silicone Firmness

Kraken is a ridgeback dildo that actually has sizes, shapes and textures that provides endless pleasures.  The thin slender head provides easy penetration and a gentle transition into the ridged ride coming next.  The slippery wet tentacle is only a tease and before the ridges fill your insides.  The setback and angled head make it feel like a real kraken tentacle pulsating as it spins around inside.  With Kraken it will be a race to the bedroom to rip off your clothes and lube up. 

At first I thought it was a shark, but then I saw that it was something much stranger. It was a giant sea creature, like a squid or octopus, but much bigger. It started to swim towards me and before I knew it, it had ripped my clothes off and was inside of me with its finger! His smooth tip made me so wet that the bumpy nodules along the flowing curves slipped inside me. I was riding the Krakens finger until it couldn't get any deeper! Finally, when I thought I couldn't take anymore, it pulled out and came all over me.

Colours to chose From Include: Red, Light Blue, Brown, Light Brown, Blue, Purple, Green, Light Green, Pink, Yellow, Orange, Grey, White, Black, & Translucent

Please Write Your Colour(s) choice in the comment section of your Order. 

Please Note that these are Special Order Items and may take up to 14 days to arrive. They are hand poured to Order. 


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