Collection: WET Lubricants

Wet Lubes is a trusted and conscientious manufacturer of high-quality personal/sexual lubrication products. Their products are formulated to enhance personal pleasure, comfort and reduce the discomfort of personal dryness. Every product Wet makes is tested against stringent quality standards. The lubricants are clear, colourless, stain-free, and sugar-free. Wet formulas last longer than other brands for maximum value and endless pleasure.

The water-based products are formulated with non-GMO, vegan-friendly ingredients. They are of vegetable origin and natural. No materials of animal or synthetic origin are used. The massage oils and shave creams are formulated with natural plant oils. Wet makes everything in compliance with up-to-date Good Manufacturing Practices and is always improving how it thinks about making its products. From sourcing raw ingredients from sustainable/eco-friendly sources to recyclable packaging.