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Wicked Wanda

Wicked Wanda's Wooden Whacker Paddle - True Canadian Paddle

Wicked Wanda's Wooden Whacker Paddle - True Canadian Paddle

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This paddle was originally designed by Wicked Wanda herself. A seasoned BDSM pro she/her created this paddle for sensation Play, without the worry of leaving bruises. A snappy slap that warms the buns without leaving lasting marks. For those who enjoy erotic spanking this paddle provides a Wicked Snap.

Wicked Wanda says “For a happy bottom, keep it in the sweet spot, check constantly and remember this is always consensual. Keep your communication open and your ego down. Bdsm play brings an opportunity to communicate and not an excuse to hurt someone.”

About The maker; These handcrafted paddles are made out of Canadian Poplar. The Deerskin loop is sourced from an Indigenous supplier who gathers hides from hunters and then sells tanned hides and lacing. Paddles are fabricated by a woman owned Graphic Design/Woodworking biz. A seasoned designer, the woodworking side hustle was born out of the COVID lockdowns and continues to thrive entering her third year in 2023! 


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