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Servant Sex Toys

Servant Sex Toys - TINY

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This design we sat on for a while before releasing it (no pun intended). We made this around the same time as the splitter series in the very beginning and thought it was just too big in diameter however I was wrong. Some of the many customers who purchased the large Splitter had requested a larger toy and we finally decided it was time. This monster has a circumference of 15.5 inches which is almost 5 inches in diameter. Meant for the serious size Kings and Queens!

One Size - Height = 7.25" (185 mm) Insertable = 6" (152 mm) Tip Circumference/Girth = 9" (229 mm) Max Circumference/Girth = 15.75" (400 mm) Maximum Diameter = 5.01" (128 mm).

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