Servant Sex Toys - Sol Large

Servant Sex Toys - Sol Large

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Hand Made in Canada! 

Sol is a powerful toy with a very large head and light ridges on the shaft. The challenge is getting past the short head which is the widest point of Sol. After getting past the sizable head, the ridges will add stimulation as you slide down the shaft to the bottom. This toy has a slight curve so if you angle it just right it can massage either the g-spot or prostate.

Large - Height = 11" (279 mm) Insertable = 10" (254mm) Tip Circumference/Girth = 9.75" (248 mm) Bottom Circumference/Girth = 9.25" (235 mm) Maximum Diameter Head = 3.1" (79 mm).

Handcrafted Quality, Poured to Order.

A Canadian family run business that is dedicated to making some of the finest dildos available on the market today.

Our Dildo's are designed to add to your sex life both with and without a partner. The design and functionality are intentionally different from anatomically correct dildos, we want you touch places you haven't touched, feel feelings you haven't felt, quiver with sensations that are new, exciting and off the charts satisfying.

Every design is carefully and painstakingly made entirely by hand from the sculpting, mould making, mixing to pouring and then ultimately tested and reviewed by us of course. If we decide it fulfills our needs then a production mould is made.

We use only the best silicone that is body safe and can be coloured in many different shades. Our silicone is available in soft and firm. We hope you enjoy viewing our site as much as we did creating it and our toys.

Remember that every toy was made by hand in Canada using products sourced locally. Individually poured unique to you!