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Plaisir Secret

Plaisir Secret - Stimulating Gel - Feu d'Amour

Plaisir Secret - Stimulating Gel - Feu d'Amour

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Fire of Love women’s stimulating gel is the perfect addition to your intimate collection, and can be enjoyed solo or with a partner.

At Secret Pleasure, we believe all women have the right to pleasure and orgasm, even multiple orgasms. Unfortunately, some women struggle to have consistent orgasms, which can be frustrating for both themselves and their partners.

Fire of Love Intimate Stimulating Gel helps women to optimize their sexual pleasure with a warming action that arouses and stimulates for up to 90mins.

The active ingredients in Fire of Love will spread a warmth and tingling sensation throughout, stimulating nerves and blood flow, which heightens sexual arousal. This sensation can also be shared by your partner as they come in contact with the gel, carrying you both to blissful orgasm!


Usage: Apply a small dab of gel on clitoris & surrounding area. Massage gently for one minute; the warming effect will take place immediately.

Secret Pleasures intimate products are formulated by our laboratories in France. Certified to strict European standards, we guarantee compliance, quality and efficiency. Active ingredients consist of natural ingredients, so there are no contraindications; however Fire of Love is not recommended for pregnant women and people with HSV-2.

Fire of Love intimate gel stimulating includes a user manual and a full catalog of our Secret Pleasures line.


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