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Explorer Probe - Eel Shape 26" - 2 Sizes

Explorer Probe - Eel Shape 26" - 2 Sizes

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Silicone Firmness

Explorer is a fantasy dildo made from soft silicone that guides and finds its way slithering deeper into places you didn't know could be touched! The material navigates itself filling and stretching your deep desires. This is a great toy for so many different fantasies! I could imagine being in the Garden of Eden, sitting naked in the grass and Adam's fucking me... but his cock is a snake! It has muscles that constrict inside me as it goes deeper, each time he flexes it sends shivers down my spine!

Remember the feeling the first time a finger went in your ass? Imagine having an alien tongue bring you to orgasm as it licks your asshole over and over! In a zero gravity environment doggy style and legs behind the head are the same position! Cum in your partner's mouth for easy clean up. Moaning with pleasure as alien tongues licked my ass, bringing me to orgasm over and over again. The feeling was intense and unbelievable, like nothing I had ever experienced before. Our bodies moved effortlessly through space as we explored each other, our orgasms building until we finally reached our peak.

Lots of great fantasies to choose with a super long XL dildo like this eel shaped sex toy!



Small - Height = 26.25" (667 mm) Insertable = 25.25" (641 mm) Tip Circumference/Girth = 4.75" (121 mm) Max Circumference/Girth = 4.75" (121 mm) Maximum Diameter = 1.5" (38 mm).


 Large - Height = 26.75" (679 mm) Insertable = 25.75" (654 mm) Tip Circumference/Girth = 6.25" (159mm) Max Circumference/Girth = 6.25" (159 mm) Maximum Diameter = 2" (51 mm).


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