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Bathmate Hydromax X20 Xtreme Pump KIt

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The authentic Hydromax X20 is the best hydro pump for men starting out under 5.5" erect. Two and a half  times more efficient than a conventional air pump with better, more consistent results. Perfect for use in the shower or the tub. Penis enhancing pump

  • Designed for penis sizes between 3.5-6 inches

  • Bellows Pump system gives better and faster gains

  • Included with the X20 Xtreme Pump System: Xtreme Hydropump, Carry Case. Measuring Gauge, Cleaning Sponge, Handball pump, Comfort Insert Pad, Hose Attachment, Pump Lube, Security Lock, and Shower Strap

    Colour: Clear

    Dimensions: 8.35" pump length, 2.2" pump diameter